Brightside are an established Classic Rock covers band who have been making a name for themselves in the Manawatu area and beyond over the past ten years.

The band members are:

Jeremy Harker         Bass Guitar, vocals
Lee Hamilton           Lead Guitar ,vocals
Mandy Smith           Vocals
Jon Clark                   Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Jimmy Warren         Drums, Vocals

We specialise in playing the crowd pleasers, the big choruses, those songs that you just love to sing along with. Our reasoning is simple. We want to give you, the audience, what you want to hear.

It’s your night after all, whether you’ve booked us for the evening or have just walked into a bar where we are playing.

With that in mind we’ve put together a repertoire of hit songs from the 1960s right up until today that will leave everyone wanting an encore.

Each member of the band is a talented performer in their own right but Brightside is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mandy sings every song like she’s lived it. and has stage presence to burn.

Jon, Jeremy, Lee and Jimmy also take on lead vocal duties for songs where a male voice is needed. All five vocalists support each other through strong harmonies and Jon’s harmonica adds some blues power into the mix.

Jeremy’s bass wizardry and Jimmy’s powerhouse drumming create a formidable rhythm section while lead guitarist Lee, churns out blistering and powerful guitar solos paying tribute to the original artists. If you know the solo note for note, so does Lee.

This is the covers band that can play all those songs everyone loves to hear.

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